Milan Design Week 2019 - Dare to Rug on show at Palazzo Cusani in THE ROOM by Manfredi Style

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‘Shade’ by Ana Popescu x Dare to Rug is a collection of 4 colourful graphic rugs hand-tufted with New Zealand wool and bamboo silk. All rug designs are created by visual artist Ana Popescu and produced by Dare to Rug.

The rug models derive from 4 acrylic drawings part of Ana Popescu’s ‘Shade’ series, which explores the connection between light and space. The works stemmed from the interest in how light and shade can transform different scenes into something new.

To better translate the shades in the rug designs, the models are crafted with bamboo silk insertions that create depth and movement.

Ana Popescu is a visual artist based in Vienna, Austria who mainly draws and paints with colours and deals with the theme of space in her artwork.

The Room, by Manfredi Style is an exhibition of high-end contemporary design pieces curated by Manfredi Style at Palazzo Cusani, a 17th-century palace in the Brera Design District.

Other designers in the room include: Rive Roshan (Netherlands), Atelier Aveus (France), Bloc Studios (Italy), Musing Selles (Spain), Artefatto x Secolo (Italy), Slash Objects (US), Il Pezzo Mancante (Italy), Crisodora (Italy), Lorenzo Careda (Italy). Artist Dario Tironi, Italy.

The exhibition design for ‘The Room’ is created by the Milan-based Studio Milo.

Dare to Rug will be exhibited at Palazzo Cusani, Via Brera 15, Milan between 8-14 April 2019.

Join us and discover our newest collection in the heart of the design world. Ci vediamo!

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