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Dare to Rug is happy to be part of a major real estate project aimed at reshaping large cities’ rooftops by rethinking urban housing.

Opening on the 26th of June 2018, Oh Perché! is an innovative concept that consists of three houses that are 80% made from wood and built on the roof of an office building in the 13th arrondissement of Paris that once hosted a textile workshop. These houses are only the first steps of a concept that is expected to be recreated across Europe.

The three contemporary houses each have a different architecture that envelops nice volumes, they are full of light and are surrounded by terraces or small gardens. The project is built using eco-friendly practices and will be the focus of a documentary film.

Imagined by architect Claude Ginsburger, who has designed the structures, the lighting and the functionality, one of the three houses will be the house of reference “ready-to-live”.

The model house will showcase the designs of six contemporary designers who use sustainable practices to create high-end products:  Dare to Rug, Novum (3D decorative objects), Marie’s Corner (furniture), Antoine Dupire (haute couture designer), Maison de Vacances (linen and home accessories) and Marianne Guedin (atmosphere designer). The design pieces complement each other to create a fresh interior that emphasises light, modernity and indoor warmth.

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