Please let us know if you are interested in buying a DARE TO RUG by sending us an email to hello[at]daretorug.com and we will send over our price list and descriptions for all our rugs.  If you're already in touch with an interior designer, let him / her do the talking! :) 

If you're an interior designer we'd like to meet you and talk more about possible projects and better prices for more orders. 



We are still in our initial years here, at Dare to Rug, therefore, we do not stock rugs and we will only produce the rugs after we have a firm order from our customers. Producing and delivering your rug will take between 60-90 days. However, we might have rugs in stock from time to time, so be sure to follow our updates and newsletters to know if we have any offers. 

Heres how to order:

- send us an e-mail to hello[at]daretorug.com with the subject Order and your questions;

- following that, we will reply with all the details so that you make a decision;

- if were in the same location, we can also meet so that you can touch and take a closer look at our awesome rug and color samples;

you let us know your final order, we sign the deal and then prepare your rug.

- we deliver worldwide!


Dare to Rug currently produces its own designs from their two collections. These products will have no changes in color, concept, shape or pattern design. However, you can specify your desired size for the rug.

 We're fans of personal style! We can also help you decide on a model according to your space design or we'll create a completely new and unique DARE TO RUG for you!



You can see and touch our rugs at our studio or at different events around the world (to be announced on this http://www.daretorug.com/journal/ and via our newsletter and social media channels. Our rugs will soon be present in selected interior design showrooms around the world.

 DARE TO RUG Studio: 6B, Oțetari Street, Bucharest, Romania. Please send us an e-mail or give us a call in order to schedule a visit.

 Lets talk! Lets design together!



We hope you love your new rug! Here's how to look after it and how to periodically clean it: 

Daily cleaning: use a vacuum cleaner with roller brushes.

Deeper cleaning: take your rug to a specialised cleaner. We recommend using injection/extraction with professional equipment, steam cleaning, powder detergents.

Do not wash your rug with water. Professional dry cleaning is also not recommended.  

How to get rid of stains: pat the stained area with a clean cloth and use special detergents. Remember that your rug is made entirely of natural materials; using harsh detergents will affect the natural fibres it's made of.

Treat your rug with the smoothness of bare feet and try not to use shoes indoors!