‘Shade’ by Ana Popescu x Dare to Rug is a collection of 4 colourful graphic rugs hand-tufted with New Zealand wool and bamboo silk. All rug designs are created by visual artist Ana Popescu and produced by Dare to Rug.

The rug models derive from 4 acrylic drawings part of Ana Popescu’s ‘Shade’ series, which explores the connection between light and space. The works stemmed from the interest in how light and shade can transform different scenes in to something new. The relation between light and object - that is not constant - is fascinating for Ana, who visually recreates depth using colours, light and shade, and plays with the contrast they make in relation to each other. To better translate the shades in the rug designs, the models are crafted with bamboo silk insertions that create depth and movement.

Colour is at the centre of Ana’s work as she uses very few colours every time she is painting a picture, trying to combine them in the best way possible.

This is Ana’s first collaboration with a rug design brand and Dare to Rug’s first rug collection designed by another visual artist.